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Best 08 indoor plants who remove chemical vapor from the air

The Indoor contaminants that affect the health are: Formaldehyde, TCE, Aerobic organic pollutants such as: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide. Pesticides substance such as: Phenol, radon. These pollutants cause headache, allergy, cancer and death.

Best 08 Indoor Plants who remove chemical vapor from the air

Peace Lily :

This tree is reminiscent of acetone, benzene and formaldehyde, the Peace Lily also has a high transpiration rate to both purify and humidify indoor air. These tree is one of the tropical trees, that is in the last case, white flowers blossom.

This plant tolerates a lot of neglect. This tree can tolerate high humidity and sunlight, but it will grow in semi sunlight or semi shade when placed out of drafts. If you get a best results, you will have to drink plenty of water. To save the tree from small insects and spider should be given water often.

Because, of the large amount of calcium oxalate on the leaves of the tree should be kept away from pets and young children. The height of this tree is 3 ft and the expansion is 2 ft, preferring temperatures between 60-75 F during the day, with slightly collar temperatures at night.

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Philodendron :

There are many types of trees in the fields, such as: Red Emerald, the Lacy tree, the Heart Leaf and the Elephant Ear. These plants are located at a very high level.  Apply this plants will in your home and office for the whole year.

Usually, Philodendron likes light medium intensity, However it can adjust  to light again. The Heart Leaf Philodendron is probably very popular because it is very easy to grow at any where in the indoor plants. The height of the tree's can be up to 6 ft. To help it obtain a more bushy appearance, pinch out some growing tips regularly. If you sunk the philodendrons directly under the sun the leaf of the tree will be brunt.

One thing to remember is that when the tree grows, the dust from the leafs of the tree. Will be cleaned, the soil should be equally moist, but allowed to dry between watering. Plants need less water over all during the winter months. Feed philodendrons with liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during their active growing season. Large plants will need a full strength fertilizer. The ideal temperature range for philodendrons is 60-70 F. This plants can not tolerate very low temperature.

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Rubber Plant :

The rubber plant is especially effective at removing formaldehyde from indoor air. Victorian era plants grow very quickly and reaches under 40 F for a short time. Its ideal temperature is 60- 80 F.

When rubber trees prefer a lighted light from the shade of light. Centrally heated rooms, watch for scale insects, spider mites and trips. The height of this tree is 8 ft and the expansion is 5 ft. Wear gloves when pruning, since the milky sap may irate the skin.

In the summer, light liquid fertilizer have to be provided. water thoroughly from mid summer to fall, allowing the soil to dry out before watering again . In winter keep slightness. This tree can't tolerate more waiting.

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Lady Palm :

Each species has its own environment and culture requirements. The Lady Palm is a durable palm species that accept most of the interior well. Preferring semi- sunlight and a temperature of 60- 70 F. When the plant grows slowly, the height of plant can be more than 14 ft and the broad clumps is spread white.

Usually the insects is harmful to the insect but some times the spider attack of the 'Lady palm'. If you wash soap quickly with water, then these will soon go away. Other things to look for include a place that is very dry.

To care for your Lady Palm, water generously spring and summer, increasing the volume in winter if your plant is  located in a war, dry environment. Feed monthly with liquid  fertilizer and enjoy the plant's glossy leaves on graceful, arching stems.

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Areca Palm :

This plants plays a special role in the removal of chemical vapors from other plants. From the other trees, this tree removes large amounts of toluene and xylem. Toluene is a dangerous 'toxic trio' for human health. These are usually fond in  paint thinners, nail polish remover, glues. Xylene is used. As a solvent in the printing, rubber and leather industries. these chemicals make their way into our home and office and its long term growing is unknowing to us.

Extremely effective at removing toxins from indoor air, the Areca Plam also emits large amounts of water vapor- a boon in location s with dry air. It's tolerant of most indoor environments though prefers a humid area to avoid tip damage.

This simple domestic plant named "Butterfly Palm" is very small. Specimen plants can reach 10 to 12 ft in height. These tree's have stalk likes pencils and it is very difficult to maintain.

Ensure your plant has a good , loam based poting soil and fertilize on a regular basis, except in winter. Water enough to kept root ball damp, and mist regularly to deter insects and to keep your plant looking fresh.

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Ficus Ali :

This tree is especially effective in removing chemical vapor and most resistant to insecticides. This tree is good in a little light. The ideal temperature of this tree between 65 F to 85 F.

This tree should not be kept placed around a very warmful place or air conditioned place, because this will cause the pages leafs to fall and the soil should be kept moist. If the leaf is yellow, it is because of expensive water.

During the plant's growing active season, fertilize with dilute liquid fertilizer  monthly or bi monthly. Ensure your fertilizer doesn't contain boron, since the plant is sensitive to the element. It should be remember that that this tree is very poisonous and it should be kept away from pets and young children.

Tropical habit ed will in a every green tree. When grown inside potted plant, however, the Ficus Ali will reach approximately 10 ft in height.

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Bamboo Plant :

The Bamboo plant is a tree that has the ability to remove excess amount of formaldehyde from the      air. This plant will be effective for removing benzene. This benzene are used in color rubber and       detergent  and it is an industrial solvent. It's Lacy Green fans born on clusters of slender canes add       humidity to any room, along with a tropical felling.

The bamboo palm prefers bright light and a temperature of  16 to 24 C. This new plant has a special damage to the house but it is normal. Remove the dead leafs. In view of the growing medium, a little sand is added to the soil of the plant.

This tree is not suitable for water or in standing water. Water is usually during the summer and in the spring when the pant is well developed.  Indoor palms  may attack most spider but it can be can't rolled by spreading soap into water.

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Dracaene " Janet Craig"

This tree is removes trichloro ethylene from a large amount of air and this houseplants is easily grown at home. The height of the tree is 3 ft and the speared of the leaves is 3 ft.

If the tree is in the presence of indirect sunlight in the east- west, then the plant is well developed. This tree can be adapt to lower light without water. To keep the tree healthy, it is necessary to keep the soil moist evenly and keep the trees away from fog. In the same away, avoid letting the root ball dry out completely. In winter there is less water. There are frequent warm water to give, removing any dead leafs. Avoid fluoride water.

In Spring and summer, feed with liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks. Refrain from fertilizing during the winter time. This plant's ideal temperature is 60 to 70 F. They are also susceptible to mites, scale insects, and mealybugs more so when the air is to dry. Keep humidity above 40% and remove in sects when they appear with a wash of soapy water.

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